1. Crab Wonton served with sweet and sour sauce                 $5.99

    2. Fish cake served with sweet and sour sauce                        $5.99

    $10.99      (served with house soup & choice of chicken Sa-Tay or egg roll)

    1. Vegetarian Lover

    Shitake mushroom, bell pepper, Bok Choy, and tofu

    2. Pa-Nang Curry

    Choice of meat (chicken, beef or pork) cooked in Pa-Nang curry sauce with bell pepper  & Kaffir lime leaves.

        $13.99     (served with house soup & choice of chicken Sa-Tay or egg roll)

    1. Broiled Lamb Curry

    Marinated lamb with fresh herbs and curry

    2. Choo Chee Salmon

    Grilled Salmon topped with Pa-Nang curry, bell pepper and basil.

        $14.99     (served with house soup & choice of chicken Sa-Tay or egg roll)

    1. Pla Sam Rod

    Crispy Pompano fish topped with tamarind hot sauce and basil.




 K1. Chicken Nuggets with fries                    $3.99

 K2. Fish Nuggets with fries                           $4.29

 K2. Jelly Sandwich with fires                       $2.99

 K3. Egg Sandwich with fries                        $4.29


 Steamed Jasmine rice                                      $1.50

 Sticky rice                                                       $2.00

 Steamed rice noodles                                       $2.00

 Peanut sauce                                                    $2.50

 Cucumber salad                                               $2.50

 Sweet and Sour sauce                                      $2.50

 Steamed mixed vegetables                                $3.99

 Vetarian Fried rice                                            $2.00




 Rainbow  Tapioca                                                 $3.25

 Coconut ice cream                                                $2.75

 FBI (fried banana with ice cream)                              $3.50

 Mango with Sticky rice                                                       $3.99

 Fried ice cream                                                                     $3.75

 Sticky rice with ice cream                                                    $3.50

 Thai Custard with sticky rice                                               $2.75



 Soda                                                                              $1.00

 Coconut juice                                                               $2.50

 Lipton sweet tea                                                           $1.99

 Thai Iced tea small $1.99   Large $4.00  w/o ice      $5.00

 Thai Iced coffee small $1.99  Large $4.00 w/o ice  $5.00

 Hot tea                                                                           $1.25

 Lemonade                                                                      $1.99